Harvest Gold, one of the most renowned food company across the nation and all its success is accrued to the efforts made in improving quality and quantity of the food items. Company has been diligently working with the sole purpose to serve the conusmers better. All this finest and best quality products would never be surfaced as such, without the unstoppable pursuit of its workers and employees.

For them who are the real heroes behind the curtain i.e their employees, Company has started recognising their efforts and attempts are being made to say them a ‘THANKS’.

For the cause, company has started a new initiative #ThanksTeam under which three special edition of 700g packs will be released acknowledging the selfless efforts of its employees in making the company what it is.

Featuring the 30 photographs of 250 members of the team representing different associates of R&D, marketing, HR will be produced under the #ThanksTeam programme.

“Harvest Gold has always maintained that every team member from production to distribution is always spirited and passionate for the brand and everything that it stands for”.

Company is the most loved bread in the NCR region and all the credit goes to our employees who have worked rigorously and at the same time most efficiently for this name. In the present imbroglio of COVID-19, employees worked from every corner by every means to brush the cloud off from lockdown imposed, because food is the only sector which was compulsed to remain open irrespective of the situations.

It started the supplies of 6 lakh loaves of bread every day.  During the lockdown, it served the people of Delhi NCR and other parts of north India with its products that include breads and buns, flat bread varieties such as roti, kulcha and pizza base and rusk.  The company also continued to work with its CSR implementation partners and tied up with several NGOs to deliver care.

“Working day and night with production of bakery products and their distribution to the consumers, Team Harvest Gold reinvented safety and hygiene measures to ensure that there were no lapses and only the healthiest and safest product was delivered. Even extra efforts were taken to provide doorstep delivery to the elderly who could not step out. From working round-the-clock with precision, focus and perseverance, to getting out onto the field to deliver fresh bread to various shops and homes, the Harvest Gold Team has truly proved its mettle beyond doubt.  Their quality, safety and hygiene have been universally appreciated and the company said that its team is ‘Sabki Bread ke secret superstars,’ said Vikas Gupta, executive director, sales, Harvest Gold.



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