Haldiram’s Nagpur, one of India’s best known ethnic snack-food brands, has won a Gold and a Silver award for “Best Traditional Packed Indian Food” and “Best Attractive Packaging” respectively at the prestigious HospiSource Innovation Awards 2023 held on September 02 in Hyderabad, Telangana.

The HospiSource Innovation Awards 2023 is a recognized platform that celebrates innovation, creativity, and excellence in the food industry. Haldiram’s Nagpur’s exceptional success in both categories underscores its dedication to delivering not only authentic Indian flavors but also a visual experience that delights consumers worldwide.

Adeesh Jain, General Manager- Frozen Divison, Haldiram’s Nagpur, said, “Taste of Tradition is an integral part of our existence as a brand, and this is best represented by the colorful and yet tastefully done packaging. Over the years we have consistently innovated and constantly invested in our packaging to secure and retain the taste of the product. Winning big for our packaging at HospiSource Innovation Awards is yet another feather in our cap. In a huge shelf of assorted products, our packaging attracts the customer attention and that is a huge plus for the brand. Moreover, our commitment to preserving and sharing traditional Indian flavors is at the heart of what we do, we are honored to be recognized for it.”

The awards highlight the unrelenting dedication of Haldiram’s to preserve the rich culinary traditions of India – from age-old passed down through generations to carefully sourced ingredients. The authenticity presented in visually stunning packaging offers customers an authentic taste of India in every bite worldwide.


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