Haldiram’s Nagpur has regained its growth momentum, as it launches a new Manufacturing Facility for dairy products having a long shelf-life. The company has established a huge dairy facility by investing more than Rs. 100 crores. Already having a presence in markets such as Maharashtra, Goa and Chhatisgarh, the company intends to increase its footprint to other markets in the future.

The company has selected SIG India, a popular systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging to provide the necessary support that can enable expansion of its business offerings by leveraging SIG India’s pioneering filling machines for aseptic carton packs. The company has for the first time invested in its own manufacturing facility for filling products into aseptic carton packs and the company is supplying a high-speed CFA 1224 filling machine for combiblocXSlim carton packs. The filling technology offers excellent flexibility with multiple volume offerings, which makes it an ideal choice. Additionally, the high-speed filling machine, which would be able to fill 24,000 carton packs per hour provides sufficient capacity to expand and grow over the next few years.

Sushil Agarwal, Director at Haldiram’s Nagpur who was commenting on the partnership stated – “SIG offered us state-of-the-art technology with full flexibility of nine volume sizes on one filling machine, all at high speed. This gives us a lot of options to pack a variety of products in a huge number of different packaging formats and sizes. And even more, the elegant, slim carton packs are very attractive and stand out on the shelf.”

From co-packaging its products through contract manufacturers, Haldiram’s Nagpur currently plans to launch an even wider range of ethnic dairy and non-dairy products, leveraging on its existing retail network and distribution capabilities.

Neeraj Agarwal, Marketing Director at Haldiram’s Nagpur, stated – “Our brand Haldiram’s is a household name, associated with great quality and fantastic products. With SIG, we know that we will be able to extend this in a big way into the ethnic beverages category. We will be able to introduce beverages that consumers really enjoy, in the right sized packaging that suits different consumption occasions.”

The product offerings will include buttermilk under the name Matka Jhatka, which would be sold in 200 ml combiblocXSlim carton packs, along with Aam Panna, Jal Jeera and a variety of Lassi products.

Vandana Tandan, Country Manager at SIG India stated – “We are really excited about working with Haldiram’s Nagpur. Their ambition to create differentiated products has perfect synergy with SIG’s filling system, which allows maximum flexibility. We believe that with Haldiram’s, we will introduce some really innovative products and grow together in this exciting category of ethnic beverages.”


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