Gujarat has won accolades for the food safety. Urban Chowk, in Ambili, Ahmedabad, has been awarded the Clean Street Food Hub award via the ‘Ear Right India’ movement, for supplying safe, unadulterated, and salubrious street food.

Dr H G Koshia, Commissioner of FDCA, Gujarat notified- “We were able to obtain the Clean Street Food validation at Urban Chowk and other places because of the joint endeavours of the Government and the FBOs. We are aiming on more food streets all over the state so that even the common man can have access to unblended, safe and hygienic food.”

“We make the FBOs aware regarding the advantages of the Eat Right movement and they are ever ready to co-operate with us, as they also fell the necessity for clean eating. I have also personally visited many food stalls in the State and tried the food from there,” he further said

Food Safety and Standards  Authority of India (FSSAI) and the State Government bodies have collaborated to formulate a benchmark for enhancing the existing infrastructures of food streets across the nation under ‘ Eat Right India’.

Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA), Gujarat, has been adopting a number norms and protocols under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011. Nevertheless, the primary goal of this campaign is to be in line with food safety and hygiene standards, promotion and availability of healthy diet, food handling at preparation, food waste management, advocating local and seasonal food and spreading awareness on food safety and healthy diet.

“Kankaria Food Street was honoured with the first Clean Street Food hub in India, since then other cities have also attempted to earn this certification,” Koshia informed.

The Gujarat State Government is devoted to offer clean, pure, and nutritious food to the customers, which is clearly exemplified in its 11 recognized Clean Street Food Hubs, thus inspiring other States also to follow these specifications. Currently, FSSAI has categorized 21 food streets across the nation as Clean Street Food Hubs.


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