Grover Zampa Vineyards is not a new name in native breweries. Time to time, the company has popped up a new wholesome brewed wine that shoots up the market as it enters. Company has record breaking stats for its new entrants.

This new year Grover Zampa Vineyards has launched a new addition for its royal patrons, branded as Late Harvest Chennin Blanc, its the youngest of the company’s art collection list. Range showcases connoisseur’s proficiency in art of making wines and creating the spice which needs to pump the vigor in its patron.

There are 7 varietals within this range allowing people to explore distinct styles within one vibrant brand. All crafted, like a piece of art, in the brand’s signature style with imagination, inspiration and dedication.

Vivek Chandramohan, chief executive officer,said, “Our brand is contemporary, and we believe in offering distinct choices in our wine range that reflect the winemaker’s signature style and true varietal characteristics along with the Indian terroir. It reflects our philosophy of winemaking as an art and the symbiotic relationship between art and wine.This dessert wine will surely be the delectable end to your meal.”

The collection is a pale straw yellow wine with sticky tears/legs.The intense fruity and floral aromas of apricots, lychees, dates, and white blossomsadds a nice balanced acidity and is velvety smooth on the palate with a lingering sweet aftertaste.Serve this dessert wine chilled at 5 – 7°C at the end of your scrumptious meal. It can be enjoyed by itself, or can be paired with fruit and nut platters, crème brûlée, cheesecakes, vanilla custards, apple pies & lemon meringue pies.

Grover Zampa Vineyards is an Indian Vineyards and winemaker based at Dhoddaballapura, Karnataka, started by Mr.Kanwal Grover who left his space job to satiate his thirst for wine and established this brand then and in Karnataka.


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