Grey goose and Olive always try to prep up a new entrant for their festive portfolios. They always give their parts in our festival enchantments. Owing to different festivals they have been releasing new products, new menu and totally interesting pop-ups.

This time due to ongoing pandemic we are compelled to sit at home’s pleasure to celebrate our festivities and for that also these stalwarts are with newer stuffs.

Grey Goose is a brand that believes in Living Victoriously, to treat yourself like you’re the special occasion. With this idea, the brand has partnered with one of the best restaurants in the capital, Olive Bar and Kitchen, to create an exceptional, at home celebration experience by pairing fine dining and complementary cocktails for consumers.

Both brands have together created a Celebration Box that contains pre-mixed mocktails, glasses and stirrers, delicious food by Chef Dhruv Oberoi, coasters, celebratory balloons among other things, enabling the consumer to prepare a luxurious dining set-up and elevating their moments at home.

Brands have curated a concoction to give their consumers the same experiences with their favourite beverages and dishes and are hopeful to serve us better.


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