Graphic Packaging, a fiber-based consumer packaging leader, has unveiled its latest fiber-based innovation for multipacks – EnviroTop™.

Read: May 2023 Issue of Food InfoTech Magazine.

EnviroTop™ offers producers and packers a highly efficient fiber-based alternative, enabling them to eliminate shrink film from multipack trays of cans, jars, and bottles. With increasing global regulations against excessive plastic packaging and a rising consumer preference for reduced plastic usage in packaging, EnviroTop™ presents a significant and effective solution.

A versatile solution 

EnviroTop™ is a remarkably adaptable packaging solution derived from fibers, providing the capability to substitute plastic shrink film on corrugated trays used for multipacks of cans, jars, and bottles.

EnviroTop™ accommodates a broad spectrum of configurations, spanning from 6-packs to 24-packs, while seamlessly integrating with existing corrugated trays. Additionally, Graphic Packaging has the option to provide a premium printed paperboard tray, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated packaging solution.

Designed for today’s customer and consumer needs 

The newly introduced solution brings substantial advantages for producers, retailers, and consumers alike. EnviroTop™ enables producers to eliminate shrink tunnel equipment and replace it with a compact machine, potentially leading to reduced energy consumption. The removal of shrink film from the supply chain can assist brands and retailers in achieving their objectives of reducing plastic packaging.

This aspect is particularly valued by modern consumers who are actively expressing their preferences for sustainable packaging through their purchasing decisions. An all-paperboard multipack offers a distinctive presence on store shelves compared to traditional shrink film-wrapped packs. Moreover, it provides consumers with the convenience of easy recycling, as the entire pack can be placed in household paper waste streams.

High impact branding potential

EnviroTop™ offers impressive billboarding capabilities, providing producers and packers with a high-impact solution to differentiate themselves in the retail environment.

Steve Gould, Director, Business Development, Global Beverage & Multipacks at Graphic Packaging commented, “We’re passionate about improving access to high-quality fiber-based innovations for every application, and EnviroTop™ is another big step forward on our journey.

“EnviroTop™ was designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers while providing packers and producers with a host of benefits. Switching from plastic shrink film to a fiber-based alternative has never been easier.”


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