Two stalwarts of two sectors are “coalescing in the single drop” to serve consumers better at same time seeking mutual growth. Unilever is joining hands with Google Cloud to employ satellite imagery, AI and Cloud Computing to locate the better sources for its products.
First aim of this association will be hitting the floor by recruiting Google imagery and Google earth to source better material sustainably.

Unilever also aims to know that whether it’s previous sourcing techniques and fields were harming the environment, or not. At the mean time, new sources will be tracked to obtain with the norms of SDG.
Unilever wishes the employment of the new techniques in the sustainable palm production and will roll it further to other products.
Companies are agreeing to setup a common command centre that will serve the purpose for both Unilever and Google. Unilever stated that company wants to employ the techniques in finding prone forests that needs to be protected and will detect the prone areas which are being deforested.
Previously, Unilever also teamed up with orbital insights to locate the sourcing areas and boost up its palm production.

Dave Ingram, Unilever’s chief procurement officer, said: “This collaboration with Google Cloud will take us to the next level in sustainable sourcing. We will now be able to process and combine complex sets of data like never before.

“The combination of these sustainability insights with our commercial sourcing information is a significant step-change in transparency, which is crucial to better protect and regenerate nature.”

Rob Enslin, president of Google Cloud, added: “Together, we’re demonstrating how technology can be a powerful tool in aiding businesses who strive to protect the Earth’s resources. It will require collective action to drive meaningful change, and we are committed to doing our part.”


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