Gathered Foods, maker of Good Catch, rolls out new innovative line of plant-based seafood products in Singapore.

This new announcement of Good Catch is reportedly said to be distributed by luxury food specialist Classic Fine Foods.

This new announcement also ignites Good Catch’s brand as a complete new market launch in Asia.

In Singapore, Good Catch launches four products, highlights are below:

  • Plant-Based Food Service Tuna Flake: A versatile and delicious ingredient for restaurants and food service outlets. Great in sandwiches, tuna melts, sushi rolls, soups, casseroles and more.
  • Plant-Based Fish Burgers, Classic Style: Think of the best fish patties seasoned with green onion, celery, touch of lemon, sea salt and pepper — perfect for burgers, barbecues, and grilled entrées.
  • Plant-Based Fish Cakes, Thai Style: An ode to a beloved and succulent Thai appetiser, generously spiced with lime, fresh lemongrass, coriander, all intermingling with garlic, shallots, and flecks of chilies.
  • Plant-Based Crab Cakes, New England Style: A lump crabmeat-style patty with sweet peppers, green onions, parsley, and a hint of spice that is ideal for weeknight dinners or weekend lunches paired with a velvety aioli.

“People are increasingly aware about the environmental concerns that come with eating seafood. Understanding Singapore consumers’ love of seafood, their sophisticated palates, and the city’s massive variety of gastronomic options, we are excited to be launching our range of delicious plant-based seafood options,” said Chad Sarno, co-founder & chief culinary officer at Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch. “We’re constantly pushing culinary boundaries to deliver the taste and texture consumers expect from seafood and thrilled to launch with our select partners into this new market.”

The products are available on menus at a variety of food service outlets in Singapore, including restaurants at Grand Hyatt Singapore and Privé, as well as gourmet-casual outfits like Love Handles, and delivery-only concepts like Good Food People.

Diners will find tantalizing menu items such as the most mouthwatering Thai Good Catch fish cake accompanied by the fresh som tam salad at Grand Hyatt and the delicious Good Catch Tuna dark croissant with plant-based Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, dill mayonnaise, roasted red pepper, capers. , celery, sliced onion and mesclun al Privé. A recent study showed that the average person in Singapore consumes 22 kg of fish per year, above the global average of around 20 kg. In addition, the WWF report reveals that 75% of the seafood consumed in Singapore is fishery or unsustainable aquaculture. The combination of unsustainable seafood sources with Singapore’s high import dependence implies a huge environmental impact.

“It is so exciting to see significant momentum building in Asia Pacific behind plant-based foods, particularly in Singapore,” said Christine Mei, CEO of Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch. “We are thrilled to introduce our craveable plant-based seafood appetisers and entrées with a promise of delicious taste, unmistakable texture, and comparable protein. Widely recognised as having curious consumers who are open to embracing new innovations, Singapore is a perfect launching ground to grow Good Catch with our partners and to delight our newest consumers.”


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