In order to achieve the goals of PM-food processing initiatives, Goa has geared up its plans. Goa government has recruited members by creating commissions and agencies at district and state levels to approve micro-food processing subsidies. Department of industries have also seeked a well structured plan to implement micro-food processing industries, from ICAR.

Accordingly the one district-one commodity program of centre, Goa Institute of Public administration and Rural Development (GIPARD) will do a study for most suitable product for a district after looking onto the availability of raw materials there.

As part of the Rs 10,000-crore PM Formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (PM-FME), the Centre has adopted a one-district, one-product cluster approach. States have to mark and notify the most viable product at the place on all local, district and state levels under the scheme.

This scheme will be facilitating the farmers to upgrade their existing facilities or to setup new facility with the aid of several subsidies and for that, in Goa, two bodies will be responsible to check the procurement of subsidies and its credit to the real beneficiaries.

Finance secretary, agriculture secretary, industries secretary and fisheries secretary are also members on the SLAC. The SLAC will have power to sanction project expenditure up to Rs 10 lakh on various activities.
ICAR will be preparing the project implementation plan and providing inputs for capacity building and research.

In a notification, De Souza has stated said that ICAR will also provide inputs for branding and marketing of the identified product and provide mentoring support and hand-hold micro enterprises during the preparation of the detailed project reports.



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