The sweet battle of Cadbury innovators has finally concluded with the announcement of victorious flavours of the ‘Go Madbury for Cadbury’ initiative by Mondelez India. Cadbury lovers Apoorva Rajan (Bengaluru) and Prabhjot Anand (Punjab) have introduced Cadbury Dairy Milk Hint O’Mint prepared from Cadbury Bournville flavour and Mint crystals, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Paanjeer, a blend of Paan flavour and Anjeer bites respectively.

Anil Viswanathan, senior director, marketing (chocolates), insights and analytics at Mondelez India informed- “Cadbury Dairy Milk’s universality has been melted into distinctive variants to satiate the various snacking demands of the consumers, which recapitulates its entrenchment as a household ingredient in the lives of our customers. That’s why we crafted Madbury to give all the chocolate lovers a chance to innovate their own ‘Home Wala’ Cadbury, by trying out flavours and ingredients as per their choice thus making our consumer connect more robust.”

He also said- “It was fascinating to see such avant-garde and unprecedented ideas and combinations of flavours that people wanted to blend with the taste of their favourite chocolate bar and brought out the love Indians have for desi flavours. Considering the exemplary response that the first edition witnessed, we are now excited to launch Madbury 2.0 and hope greater participation nationwide.”

“Mondelez India is always looking for ideas to invent and excite consumers, and Madbury is yet another endeavour to boost our connection through an engaging initiative curated ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’. We can’t wait to see what other exciting flavours will be added to the Cadbury world,” Vishwanathan added.

The first edition of Madbury amassed more than 823 million impressions across platforms, 205M views, and involved with 1.7 crore customers. Consequently, the desire for local flavours came forward with suggestions of Cadbury variants such as Kulfi and Badam, Chai and Elaichi, Cashew and Mishtidoi, Paan and Mixed Berries, and plethora of other ingredients. This is undoubtedly a consumer-centric initiative wherein special chocolate bars are being curated for consumers, by consumers.

The top two winning flavours were finally chosen by the consumers. Acclaiming this consumer-centric launch, the brand will collaborate with Indian celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor, to come up with some special digital engagement for the winners and their flavours. These limited-edition bars can be expected to hit the shelves and enchant consumers by the first week of October 2020.

The brand will be inducing a sense of competition across different parts of the nation this year. They will also come with a white chocolate mass besides the milk chocolate mass that was available in the earlier edition, mesmerizing the consumer with a whole new approach to experiment and invent delightful new combinations. Madbury 2.0 will announce 3 winners and has commenced from 28th Sept. to 30th Oct. of this year.


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