Vertex food regulator FSSAI has been striving super critically in assessing, management and introduction of new innovative ideas to strengthen the food processing sector in the nation.

FSSAI, in its thread of regulations and impositions is making the sector more inclusive and scientific. Previously, FSSAI issued acts and amendments for many of the flavours enhancing agents, ‘Best before’ labels on Indian sweets during festivities and to shun junk food in areas surrounding schools promoting good and safer food habits.

In the recent,FSSAI has reiterated its order for GM-foods imported from abroad , that GM certification will not be applicable to processed foods in general.

The order issued in August mandated a requirement of GM-free certification for 24 crops imported in India to mandatorily declare ‘Non GM cum GM Free’ certificate from January 1, 2021.

The clarification issued by the FSSAI reads, “It is clarified that the order is presently applicable only to food crops mentioned with the order and not to processed food products in general.”

According to an official with the FSSAI, the August order was also notified for comments from WTO –TBT member countries in September and the FSSAI will examine the comments before the order comes into effect.

Framing of regulations related to genetically-modified or -engineered food, is governed by the Section 22 of the FSS Act, and the same is in process of finalisation by the FSSAI. And therefore, in the meantime, it was decided that every consignment of imported food products listed by the FSSAI must be accompanied with a ‘Non GM cum GM Free’ certificate.

This directive was previously purported in case to ensure safety of the food and its authenticity according to the FSS (import regulations) 2017.

Food importers were directed to submit a non GM certificate citing clarification that product doesn’t contain any GM ingredients along with name, address, manufacturers, consignee,description of the product, invoice, lot/batch number, expiry date, quantity, date of manufacturing or packing, and date of shipment & place, amongst other.


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