Gloves, yes Gloves are the new normal which one has been taking-on on palms since the pandemic has taken its hold. Being the most intimate material to our foods while packaging is a matter that needs to be revisited.

Huge number of market players use gloves for packaging which are having safe contact material like EU1935. But it always has lot more to do with it. There are plethora aspects that one needs to ponder upon, before taking a gloves for handling food items.

Relying on material qualities is not sufficient enough , rather it puts the type, make , Breatheability and more in the circumference, that is highly needed to be addressed.

Karen Constable and Heloise Lam at HACCP International have written a 25-page white paper — Gloves in the Food Industry; A White Paper — that considers the various use cases for gloves in the food industry; both in foodservice and in food manufacturing sectors. It dives into the food safety benefits and risks associated with using gloves and it provides advice on the proper selection and use of gloves.

HACCP international is one such authority that makes diligent and standard guidelines and put the products to pass them through before getting certified making it the best to use.

HACCP International’s certification requires much broader compliance, which is described in the white paper. It also contains a glossary of glove-related terms, plus references to all research papers cited.

The white paper can be downloaded from the HACCP International website:


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