Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky throws open the doors to its extraordinary world in a colorful new brand initiative shot by renowned photographer – Miles Aldridge. Launched to welcome more people to share the simple joy of tasty whiskies, the campaign reimagines six daily experiences as marvellous moments, with its technicolour palette and cinematic fashion. Designed in partnership with DDB Paris and Miles Aldridge, the campaign, with its tagline ‘It’s kind of delicious and wonderful’, invites audiences across the globe to see the world through this new brand campaign.

The brand’s founders are extremely imaginative in the pursuit to dream up delectable whiskies. The fruity spirits are exhibited in stills as tall as a giraffe, to make up more space for taste and fragrance. The spirits are aged in the world’s best casks so as to bring joy to whisky lovers, both old and new. The desire to share this mouth-watering enjoyment more widely is the main priority of the brand’s campaign. Rooted in the bold orange hue long related with the brand, its scenes are saturated with colour, a realm in which Aldridge is admired globally.

Caspar Macrae, director of marketing and business development of The Glenmorangie Company declared- “There is a simple happiness in sharing Glenmorangie’s flavourful whisky. Influenced by the brand’s signature orange colour, the new initiative is a visual feast that throws open the wondrous world of Glenmorangie, to be explored by everyone. We are hopeful it will welcome more people to experience the delicious and fantastic way we look at life.”

Commenting upon how this new campaign resonates with India, Sophia Sinha, head of marketing, Moët Hennessy India mentioned- “Glenmorangie remains committed to create flavoursome whisky for people to have glorious moments with it. Inspired by this desire, the brand’s new campaign is young, unpretentious, and inclusive, thus exhibiting the simple joy of its whisky in such a colourful and quirky way.”

Aldridge’s style and precision can be witnessed throughout, each colourful scene enriched by playful visual points towards the brand, including tributes to its spirit animal. The drive is peppered with little ‘Easter eggs’, little things to find throughout – from anagrams of the brand: ‘A Ginger Lemon’ in the train and ‘Mango Reeling’ as a neon, to the recurring motif of the giraffe, appearing in each of the stills, like little games, almost cameo performances, the campaign is a visual treat and contrasts with the general representation in whisky campaigns.

Moet Hennessy India will come up with an entire 360 degree campaign staggered across the coming months in accordance with this new campaign and bring it to life, for its Indian consumers.


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