Shahi Litchi from Bihar has gone global.

India’s GI-licensed products give a major augment to the export business, as the season’s first consignment of Shahi Litchi from Bihar was exported to the United Kingdom via air route. The phytosanitary ratification for exports of Shahi Litchi was issued from a newly set up certification facility at Patna. The fruit is being exported by Cira Enterprises and has been procured from the farmers in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

India is the 2nd-largest producer of litchi (Litchi chin) in the world, following China. The translucent, flavoured aril or edible flesh of the litchi is largely loved to be consumed as a table fruit in India, while in China and Japan it is preferred to be eaten in dried or canned form. In India, Bihar is at the top in terms of production of litchi.

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) joined hands with the Department of Agriculture, Bihar along with the other stakeholders such as farmers, exporters and importers for making possible the exports of Litchi in a smooth manner.

In 2018, Shahi Litchi became the fourth agricultural product to get GI certification from Bihar, after Jardalu mango, Katarni rice, and Magahi paan. GI registration for Shahi Litchi is held with the Muzaffarpur-based Litchi Growers Association of Bihar.

“Because of short-shelf life of litchi, there is a need to explore export opportunities for the processed and value-added products,” the Ministry of Commerce and Industry mentioned in a statement.

Muzaffarpur, Champaran, Begusarai, Samastipur, Vaishali, districts, and adjoining areas of Bihar have the climate which is suitable for growing Shahi Litchi.

Bihar government is putting in efforts in collaboration with APEDA and other agencies for creating necessary infrastructures such as customs clearance facility, laboratory testing facility, pack-houses, pre-cooling facilities, which would harness and give a thrust to the agricultural export capabilities of the State.


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