The apex food regulator, FSSAI, has planned to give no opportunity to manufacturers to alter their existing licences beyond 1st January, 2022, as necessary under the new licensing regime of FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System).

Regarding this matter, the FSSAI gave one final chance for modification of licence by existing FSSAI licensed manufacturers without modification fee and released an order informing that it has been planned to extend the period for modification of licences until 31st October, 2021.

The order further states that such Food Business Operators (FBOs) who do not get their licence modified by 31st October, 2021, shall be given permission to apply for modification of their licences ‘with fee’ until 31st December, 2021.

Nevertheless, the order further added that thereafter no modification of licence would be entertained beyond 1st January, 2022.

“The FSSAI licensed manufacturers shall not be permitted to apply for renewal of their licence with effect from 1st January 2022, in case of noncompliance with this order,” the order states.

In May last year, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had published an order related to the modification of licences by existing licensed manufacturers upon launch of FoSCoS. Under the new regime, the standardized food products will be mapped with the food category system for the motive of licensing and registration of manufacturers.

It is to be noted that this is the 3rd extension being given to the FBOs. Earlier, the FBOs were given time until 31st December, 2020, which was then postponed till 30th June, 2021.


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