In the recent bill passed by centre, FSSAI to be provided with broadened area of operations and regulations. FSSAI to be revamped soon and will be equipped with operation authorities in areas of animal food along with enjoying powers to levy penalties for violations and simplifying.

The ministry of health and family welfare has framed Food Safety and Standards (Amendment) Bill 2020 and introduced 70 amendments in the 2006 Act to revamp FSSAI functioning and its jurisdiction. According to the amendment, FSSAI will be excercising its powers in animal feed ventures, which was delimited to food industries so far.

In the 2006 Act, an amendment is proposed which would include, “It is expedient in the public interest that the Union should take under its control the food and animal feed industry.” The government has included a detailed definition of animal feed. Apart from animal feed industry, the government has also decided to specify standards for “food contact material”, which would mean specifying standards for food packaging material.

Government asked all the authorities to make the amendments more powerful and stringent in its compliance and putting increased penalties on violations, if there any.

The amendments propose enhancing maximum fine for manufacturing and sale of unsafe food from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. A new section has been introduced to define penalty for adulteration of food causing death or grievous hurt. In case unsafe food causes “harm to body which amounts to causing grievous hurt even if it does not cause actual injury”, the punishment could extend upto life imprisonment.

This amendment came into being after 6 years when NDA government scrapped the amendment made by UPA government. NDA government decided to scrap the previous amendment after an inclusive cabinet discussion and sought faith of counterparts that soon improvised bill will be put up on the horizon.

Centre also asked to recruit at CEO to overses the functioning of the institution. A big change proposed is the vesting of powers of appointment of members with Central government.

Further government simplified the protocol to put up a notices on violating bodies like restaurants not working according the regulations.


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