A final deadline has been set by the FSSAI for food businesses to utilize the pre-printed packaging materials. The food regulator has also demanded that the FBOs would be allowed to use any such material upto 31st December, 2023.

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In response to Food Business Operators (FBOs) seeking more time to use pre-printed packaging materials that are non-compliant with the FSS (Labelling & Display) Regulations, 2020 and its amendments, the FSSAI passed an order that reads – “It has been decided to grant a final one-time permission up to 31.12.2023 to the FBOs seeking permission to use such non-complying pre-printed packaging materials (PPMs).” 

The fees has also been revized by the regulator for food businesses that are applying for permission to use the pre-printed packaging materials. Currently, Central licensees would have to pay a fee of INR 30,000 plus GST and State licensees would have to pay a fee of INR 12,000 plus GST. The payment would have to be done through the e-payment portal of the FSSAI.


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