The FSSAI has issued an order outlining the procedures for enrolling non-food production (NFP) units in order to collect used cooking oil (UCO) from food businesses across India. The decision to allow such units was made in order to widen the scope of use of used cooking oil, such as for soaps.

According to issues notice – the food authority has mandated that FBOs whose consumption of edible oil for frying is more than 50 liters per day would maintain the usage record and would dispose Used Cooking Oil (UCO) to agencies authorized by FSSAI.

FSSAI has created an ecosystem of biodiesel manufacturers under the Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) initiative. And food authority has now decided to authorise soap manufacturers to collect UCO from FBOs for production of soaps under the RUCO initiative on a pilot basis.

“Updated guidelines for enrolment of nonfood production units such as manufacturers of biodiesel, soap etc. for collection of used cooking oil from the food businesses across India are enclosed for reference. The NFP intending to collect UCO from FBOs shall submit application to the FSSAI along with the requisite documents in the format provided in the guidelines,” read the order.

The guidelines specify the mechanism for enrolment of Non-Food Production Units such as manufacturers of biodiesel, soap, lubricant, etc. who intend to collect Used Cooking Oil from the Food Business Operators across India for manufacture of the aforementioned products. All such units are required to enroll with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India under RUCO initiative and comply with the directions of the Food Authority issued from time to time.

According to an officer with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, initially, soap manufacturers may send the documents listed in the guidelines to FSSAI for enrolment under RUCO scheme on pilot basis and in due course of time, FSSAI will recognise the industry associations of soap and other NFP Units in the respective states or UTs or regions to set up Resource Centres for enrolment of Non-Food Production Units.

Also, Food Business Operator will be at liberty to provide UCO to any aggregator/collection agency authorised by FSSAI enrolled NFP units and a directory of such enrolled NFP units and their aggregators and collection agencies will be maintained by FSSAI which will be made available on FSSAI website.


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