The vertex food regulator,FSSAI, has proclaimed and lauded the smooth functioning of new compliance system in the name of FoSCoS despite minute issues of mapping and migration. FoSCoS was launched by the central government across Indian territory last year. The new licensing and compliance portal was launched pan-India from November 1, 2020, replacing the Food Licensing and Registration System

FSSAI promised that FoSCoS will be made flawless as recent developments are underway to make it happen.

Under the new system, FSSAI says that the format of FSSAI licence and registration has been made common across the country, was converted to PDF form and also being dispatched to FBOs via mail directly. Also, an online module within FoSCoS was developed for reactivation of the rejected applications along with reduction in number of steps involved in processing of licence by authorities.

FSSAI directed Food Safety Commissioners and Regional Directors, to setup small helpdesks in every region of their jurisdiction and touch points where awareness and functioning of the newly made FoSCoS can be conveyed smoothly.

FSSAI has said that now FoSCoRIS is fully integrated with FoSCoS. “It means, if a designated officer allocates an inspection on FoSCoS, it will be visible to the concerned FSO on the FoSCoRIS mobile app and vice versa,” said an official with the FSSAI.

The official added that all state authorities were advised to conduct inspection only through FoSCoRIS App, as this will help in building a national database of the inspections conducted and help in risk based inspection.

FSSAI reiterated the benefits and upliftment brought onto by FoSCoS that it will provide consolidated report for auditing agencies and returns will be filed directly online from the next fiscal reducing the humanised error happening earlier. FSSAI aims larger outreach and penetrations of the new system in all the remotest part of India.


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