Homebaking has popped up as a widely acclaimed career choice for homemakers this year. Eating at home has become a new normal owing to COVID related limitations, and that’s where homebakers and homechefs have played a crucial role part being the only substitute to outdoor cafes, bakeries and restaurants due to the following reasons:
1.    For celebrations, consumers could reach out to their neighbourhood homebakers as bakeries were shut during the lockdown. Soon they felt that cakes from home bakers are fresh, tastier and can be personalized as per their preferred taste.
2.    As homebakers work on the strategy of buying and baking fresh, they keep the delicacy fresh, good in quality, hygienic. However, this mayn’t be true the commercial bakeries because of the larger volume of the production.

As consumers have realized the benefits of homebakers over commercial bakeries, they now desire to pay the premium enabling the home bakers give the patisseries and bakeries a run for their money.

The rising demand for home-baked cakes and bakes has propelled more entrepreneurs to choose home baking as business leading to competitiveness. With the increment in the number of homebakers, consumers get confused to select the genuine one, and they turn to the Top-ranked Home Bakers that get published on an annual basis.

As a platform to aid customers get the right home baker, we solidly promote government’s FSSAI regulation which is compulsory even for homebakers and homechefs. Apart from assisting the homebakers to ensure the quality and hygiene, it also permits consumers to establish faith with their chosen baker. The procedure for FSSAI registration has been made simpler by the FSSAI body and it doesn’t cost over Rs 100 annually.

While FSSAI guarantees that the home-based bakers maintain the hygiene and professional standards, it is equally important for a homebaker to receive professional training from a renowned academy regarding how to maintain hygiene, health and safety, commercial set up, and delivery of premium quality baked products.

As per Amit Gupta, the co-founder of Bakedemy.com, majority of home bakers are self-trained and are mostly verified by their known ones. While this is justifiable till you serve your near and dear ones, moving beyond this mandates the qualities of baked products to be at par to with the commercial bakeries. This necessitates a home baker to go through a professional curriculum under the guidance of professionals. Although baking comes into the food category, it is very different from cooking and needs a deeper knowledge about the science behind it.

Customarily budding bakers and chefs have been joining the academies in a few major cities that needed a considerable investment of about 2-5 lakhs. But now, students have the choice of getting trained digitally by the professionals at a very low expenditure.

Sonia Gupta, a baking instructor and founder at AnybodyCanBake.Com greets the vertex food regulator’s norms to restrict trans-fats in food products. Typical commercial bakeries prepare most of the items such as cakes, cookies, pastries and puffs using vegetable shortening and margarine, which contain high levels of trans-fats. She states- “I have always disheartened the use and consumption of unnatural fats and insalubrious ingredients. I have seen most of the baking instructors and commercial setups denying the likelihood of preparing healthy yet tasty bakes without using refined sugar, refined carbs and artificial fats. I took this as a challenge and formulated recipes with healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, natural sweeteners and nutritious fats. I have now shared my accomplishments with more than 4,000 bakers and home chefs.”

Individuals of all age groups have always enjoyed baked delicacies regardless of the nature or time of celebration. Kids are always enchanted with Pizza, Cookies or a Cheese sandwich. As aware parents, we try refraining our children from eating them. But this doesn’t quell their desire to relish those delicacies. So, if you can make your baking healthy by substituting injurious ingredients with the healthy ones, then you won’t have to say no to your loved ones.


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