FSSAI, The apex food regulator of the country has proposed norms for the labelling of ‘pan masala’ that intend at covering the half of front of the pack with a caution declaration. The guidelines also specify nomenclature of breads.

The regulation asks Pan Masala manufacturers to declare ‘CHEWING OF PAN MASALA IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH’ on the front of the pack and ‘the warning statement must cover 50% of the front of the pack of the label’.

Regarding this, FSSAI has issued a draft.

Known as the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Amendment Regulations, 2021, these regulations also commend the entitlement of various breads for their nomenclature on labels.

The proposed regulations state that for the name ‘whole wheat bread, the minimum amount of specialty ingredient, i.e., whole wheat atta, as percentage should be 75%. In the same manner, for nomenclature ‘wheat bread or brown bread, the whole grain flour should be at least 50% on a dry mass basis.

In case of multigrain bread, the specialty ingredients should be food grains granted permit under FSS (Food Product Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011, and at least 20% should be grains other than wheat to be affirmed as multigrain bread.

The norms also suggest the minimum amount of specialty ingredient as % of flour for specialty bread, wherein the specialty ingredient is asserted as prefix to the term ‘bread’ on the label.

The FSSAI proposed regulation states for ‘milk bread’, 6% minimum milk solids is needed to be declared as milk bread. In the same way, for ‘honey bread’ minimum 5% honey is necessary, for ‘cheese bread’, 10% cheese is mandatory, for ‘oatmeal bread’, 15% oatmeal, ‘cracked wheat or dalia bread’, 15% part should be dalia, for ‘bread with wheat germ’, 2% wheat germ, for ‘egg bread’, 1.5% edible whole egg solids, for ‘fruit bread’, 20% candied fruit, for ‘triticale bread’, 20% triticale flour, for ‘rye bread’, 20% rye flour, for ‘raisin bread’, 20% raisins, for ‘bran bread’, 5% edible bran, for ‘protein enrich bread’, 20% edible protein, and for ‘bread such as ‘garlic bread, masala bread, oregano bread’, the minimum specialty ingredient should be 2%.

The stakeholders can comment on the draft and send it across to the FSSAI, specifies the statement by the food regulator.


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