Vertex food regulator, FSSAI formulated new regulations regarding amendment into Licensing and Registration to include brand franchiser, direct seller, e-commerce entity, food handler, relabellers, considering all under the umbrella of FSS Act. It also suggested changes in licensing and registration rules.

Called the Draft Notification on Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Amendment Regulations, 2020, the stakeholders can comment by January third week next year.

In concordance with the regulation, during the application for new or modification in old as asked by the authority, the applicant must need to verify their products along with the standards as per the protocol issued by the competent authority, FSSAI.

If in case an FBO has two premises like offices, it falls to the fact that a license should be obtained for one premise as “Head office” and this license will be linked to the rest of the premises held by the firm.

In the same modus operandi, the branch franchiser will have to procure a license followed by the relabeller and all third-party manufacturers which are considered to be deemed manufacturers and are liable to be taken under the umbrella of licensing.

Under these regulations, an e-commerce entity conducting any of the activities under Section 3(n) of Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, shall obtain a license.

There is also a provision made under which a unified license can be issued to the single entity operating multiple food setups in a single premise with the issuance ordered by the food commissioner in this regard.

“An applicant may commence his food business and a license shall be issued to such business if, from the date of making the application, a license is not issued within 60 days provided that the applicant has not received any intimation of inadequacy under regulation or inspection report indicating defects from the concerned Licensing Authority” reads the notification.


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