The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has proposed an amendment into the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations to incorporate the provisions of coloured packaging material for water.

The new provision will permit the food businesses to use coloured bottles for packaged water, however the packaging material must be in accordance with the food grade requirement under the FSS Act.

As per the new provison, “other food grade packaging materials conformable with the water to be packaged may also be utilized. In such instances, requirements of transparent bottle would not apply.”

Titled as the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) First Amendment Regulations, 2021, the stakeholders can share their views with the FSSAI regarding the same.

This amendment is linked to the regulation number 4 of the packaging regulations which states the requirement for primary food packaging and the amendment is published in the sub regulation 4 of regulation 4 associated with plastic materials deliberately coming in contact with food products.

The sub regulation 4 has 4 clauses stating about the requirements and their consitions.

Under clause A- Plastic materials utilized for the manufacturing of containers for packing or storing the food products shall comply with either of the Indian Standards specifications as provided in Schedule – III:

Provided that Drinking Water (both Packaged and Mineral Water) shall be packed in colourless, lucid and tamper-proof bottles or containers made up of polyethylene (PE) as specified by IS: 10146 or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) complying with IS: 10151 or polyalkylene terephthalate (PET and PBT) obeying the IS: 12252 or polypropylene (PP) in line with IS: 10910 or food grade polycarbonate according to IS: 14971 or polystyrene conforming as per the IS: 10142 or sterile glass bottles only. The transparency of a container shall not be under 85% in light transmittance:

Provided also that all pigments or colorants as specified in Indian Standard IS: 9833 may be permitted in plastic containers of greater than or equal to 5 liters made of Polycarbonate and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) used for packaging of mineral water and packaged drinking water. The transparency of such containers shall not be under 85% in light transmittance, as stated by FSSAI.

The new provison will follow the above two which states- “Provided further that other food grade packaging material compatible with the water to be packaged may also be used. In such instances, requirements of transparent bottle would not apply.”

Other clause under the sub regulation 4 of regulation 4 of the stated packaging regulations which include,

B- all packaging materials of plastic origin shall be in line with the recommended overall migration limit of 60mg/kg or 10mg/dm2 when tested as per IS 9845 with no visible colour migration.

C- Plastic materials and articles shall not release the substances in quantities surpassing the specified migration limits listed in these guidelines.

D- Pigments or Colorants for use in plastics in contact with food products and drinking water shall comply with the IS: 9833.
E- Products prepared from recycled plastics like carry bags shall not be utilized for packaging, storing, carrying or dispensing food items.


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