The vertex food regulator, FSSAI, India has purported its final gazette notification regarding health issues of children at school and pertaining perfect food habits in school premises. The notification will comply from 1 July 2021.

The regulations annotated as “safe food and balanced diets for children in school” is culmination of the directions from the Delhi High Court. Delhi High court also asked the food regulator to set up a HFSS Expert committee for reviewing the matter and making recommendations about the food items high on saturated and trans fats.

Earlier, in the previous month regarding the same issue, it regulated school canteens by keeping schools in ambit to ensure proper dietary items and healthy food in school canteens and shops nearby.

The regulations now lay greater emphasis and responsibility on all those connected with school running to ensure safe food to the children for the reasons of obesity and health issues among them. Now the School Canteen Contractor /FBO / Caterer needs to have either licence or registration from the food authority, according to D V Malhan, president, the Society of Bakers.

Further, the school authority shall have to ensure that there shall not be any advertisement/or banner or wallpaper of food which depicts high in saturated fat or trans fats or added sugar or sodium for sale. “The emphasis is on the promotion of safe food and balanced diet in and around school campuses,” he added.

The regulations are gradually taking its greater hold by keeping all the counterparts in the issue under a complete check and balance system.

The regulation also has a Schedule attached that lays down detailed guidelines regarding: (A) which are safe food and balanced diet for children and (B) also about the selection of foods by the schools for safe food & balanced diet.


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