FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India had recently taken the decision to grant further extension of time for compliance of the direction issued by it earlier in January 2020 with regard to commercial feeds and feed material that is kept specifically for meat and milk producing animals.

Currently, the timeline for compliance with the provisions has been decided and the last date is January 1st, 2022, but for those businesses who have already made an application for licence or registration had been under process on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The direction that was issued in January 2020 had asked for a specification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in the case of compounded feed for cattle (IS:2052:2009). Further, it directed that such products must hold a BIS certification mark on the label.

Moreover, the direction had specified a timeline for the compliance and had asked the businesses to comply with these provisions by July 1, 2021.

In the meantime, the present order of FSSAI mentions that it has been decided to extend the timeline for compliance with the provisions of the January 2020 direction for those businesses who had submitted their applications for BIS certification or licensing of their product (compounded cattle feed) that was already under process.

FSSAI had taken the decision after receiving the representations seeking extension of time to comply with the provisions , due to difficulties that were faced in securing the BIS certification during the current pandemic period.


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