FSSAI, the vertex food regulatory authority of India has gazetted new notification on Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Amendment Regulations, 2020. This Notification prohibits blending of other oils in Mustard oil being produced in country by various FBOs.

Called the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Third Amendment Regulations, 2021, it will come into force on June 8, 2021, says the notification.

The amendment is related to the sale of certain admixtures that are prohibited. The FSSAI proposed that in the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restrictions on Sales) Regulations, 2011, in Regulation 2.1 relating to ?Sale of certain admixtures prohibited, in Sub-regulation 2.1.1, a new clause is added for prohibition of the multi sourced vegetable containing mustard oil.

According to the FSSAI, after the amended regulations coming into force, notwithstanding the provisions of 2.7 of labelling and packaging regulations no person shall either by himself or by any servant or agent sell – ‘Any Multi source edible vegetable oil containing Mustard Oil manufactured on or after 8th June, 2021’.

The order issued by FSSAI, yesteryear in October ensuring purity of Mustard oils was stayed by judiciary on request of a FBOs , but this draft will mark the complete issuance and compliance in the same regard.

Meanwhile, the amendment also proposes that in Regulation 2.3 relating to ?Prohibition and Restriction on sale of certain products, in Sub-regulation 2.3.14, (related to restriction relating to condition for sale ) the FSSAI has changed the word ‘blended vegetable oil’ with ‘multi source edible vegetable oil’ in Clause 11.

Now, under 2.3.14, the amended Clause 11 reads, “The Multi Source Edible Vegetable Oil shall not be sold in loose form. It shall be sold in a sealed package weighing not more than 15 Kilograms. The container having Multi Source Edible Vegetable Oil shall be tamper proof. It shall also not be sold under the common or generic name of the oil used in the blend but shall be sold as – Multi Source Edible Vegetable Oil. The sealed package shall be sold or offered for sale only under AGMARK certification mark bearing the label declarations as provided in the Regulations besides other labelling requirements under the Regulation.”


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