FSSAI has been stringent in regulating all the food processing sector formulating and applying new and more standardised norms to each and every process from which food goes. Recent, issue that is being regulated is the packaging process.

FSSAI had earlier issued notification regarding time pertaining to the Sub-Regulation 3(9) of FSS (Packaging) Regulations, 2018, relating to ‘printing inks’ for use on food packages and now the compliance needs to be done within 180 days time limit.

According to the officials, all the technological and biological aspects of those inks are to be reviewed and all the pros and cons are to be examined intricately.

The direction by FSSAI says, “IS standards are usually revised by the Bureau of Indian Standards – BIS, based on the latest technological update or on the basis of revision in the global standards. In this context, in case of standards which are referenced in FSS Regulations for mandatory compliance, it has been brought to our (FSSAI) notice that FBOs face difficulties with respect to immediate compliance after such revision is published by BIS.”

Regulation says that if implementation is facing a slowdown then FBOs shall ensure the concordance with the regulations according to all the BIS standards and it should be executed either by January 1 or July 1 or maximum extension of 180 days.

The FSS Packaging Regulations 2018 was notified in December 2018 wherein several IS are cross referred with respect to various packaging material for mandatory compliance.



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