FSSAI, the apex food security and regulatory authority of India, in a bid to increase the safety of dietary intake, has issued new regulatory defining the value of Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for the food businesses to comply and refer. July 2023 has been set as the deadline for compliance.

The RDA values for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients were earlier specified in a regulatory of nutraceuticals and this revision of RDA popped up in the wake of revision done by Indian Council of Medical research in  the end of 2020, that has altered the RDA for Indians and FSSAI has decided to propagate the same.

The direction says that a collated document referred to as RDA 2020 in respect of new RDA values for vitamins, minerals and amino acids is provided to food businesses for the purpose of reference and compliance.

The direction added that the RDA 2020 shall come into force from July 1, 2023, for compliance and till such time, food businesses may comply with the RDA 2010 or RDA 2020.

“However, from 1st July 2023, onwards only RDA 2020 as per the directions shall be in force and compliable by food businesses.”

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs, says, “The demand for nutritionally functional foods (particularly vitamin rich foods) has increased significantly since the pandemic took over. People have become more aware and educated about it. This bodes well for the nutraceuticals industry as the revised RDA values by FSSAI will enable a lot of brands (established as well as new) to come up with a wide range of compliant products and cater to a larger audience.”

Amid this revision, FSSAI has also put up the same report by ICMR to be considered it only as a reference for the upper limits of required daily micronutrients and macronutrients and has clarified that use of the same is not allowed.


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