FSSAI, the vertex food regulatory authority of India has asked labs to include new parameters to test and collate Fortified foods. Authority also asked to produce accredition certification from NABL to analyse the fortified food and intimate FSSAI about the same.

The direction reads, “All the NABL accredited and FSSAI laboratories including state food testing labs are advised to include the parameters of fortificants/micro nutrients in the scope of testing and obtain NABL accreditation at the earliest and apprise the same to FSSAI.”

The notification came in the wake of newer schemes by central government to distribute fortified rice in the population. 

Presently the department of food and public distribution is running a pilot scheme on ‘fortification of rice and its distribution under the public distribution system’.

FSSAI explains, “Department of Food and Public Distribution has proposed a Centrally-sponsored scheme on supply of fortified rice throughout the various services and schemes in all the states. The scheme will be merged with the current pilot scheme on ‘fortification of rice and its distribution under the PDS’, which is a flagship scheme by Government of India to address anaemia and other micronutrient deficiencies in the country.”

The FSSAI has also urged labs analysing fortified food to follow prescribed units under the FSS Regulations.

“It is also observed in few laboratory reports that the unit used in reporting micronutrients varies from one report to another. It is therefore instructed to all the food testing laboratories to follow the units as specified in Food Safety and Standards Regulations in respect of fortified foods and other food items,” reads the direction by the FSSAI.


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