The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI had issued a notification on the fortification standards for milk powder. The regulations had been notified as the Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) First Amendment Regulations, 2021, in which a provision for fortified milk powder has been added in the prevailing standards for fortified food products.

The FSSAI has added a clause 3A for the fortified milk powder, which mentions that milk powder, when fortified, shall be fortified with such levels of Vitamin A and D, so that the final reconstituted fortified milk shall comply with the levels of micronutrients that are specified in Clause 3 of Schedule-I related to ‘Fortified Milk’ (under the fortified regulations), when constituted as per the directions specified on the product label.

Nevertheless, a condition has also been laid down under these regulations that it shall be used only in programmes funded by the government for the purpose of preparation of ‘Reconstituted Fortified Milk‘.

Additionally, prescribed labelling norms have also been provided for under these  regulations for fortified milk powder, which state that the label should carry -NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DIRECT CONSUMPTION, ONLY FOR USE UNDER ______________ (Name of the Government Funded Programme), TO BE CONSUMED ONLY AFTER RECONSTITUTION OF THE ENTIRE CONTENT AS PER THE DIRECTIONS ON THE LABEL and PACK ONCE OPENED, TO BE CONSUMED ON THE SAME DAY.

Meanwhile, the notified regulation has also made provisions that each and every package of food fortified with iron shall carry a statement, “People with Thalassemia may take under medical supervision and persons with Sickle Cell Anaemia are advised not to consume iron fortified food products.”

Moreover, the clause relating to ‘iodine content’ was also amended through the notification and the level of nutrients for Iodine Content have been set at 15-30 part per million (on dry weight basis) with Potassium Iodate as source of nutrients.

The food business operators have also been asked to ensure compliance with all the provisions of these regulations with effect from March 1, 2022.


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