The prime food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has released an order regarding the revised list of ‘Kind of Business (KOB) wise Documents’ which need to be submitted along with the application for FSSAI licence through FoSCoS system and made provisions that the documents to be uploaded can be self-attested by the proprietor or authorized signatory.

The KoB list of mandatory documents was divided into two categories- one being for the Non- Manufacturing KoBs and another for the Manufacturing KoBs.

The documents will now also include details of nominated authorized signatory, recall plan (earlier it was optional), declaration for products meant for export only amongst others.

The order states that the FSSAI has been in the constant process of making the licensing and registration procedure uncomplicated and rationalized towards ease of doing business.

“In this direction, the document prescribed to be submitted vide order dated 14.05.2012 under the reference was reviewed. To bring clarity on the documents to be submitted, these documents have been segregated on the basis of ‘Kind of Businesses and their relevance to KoBs’. Some of the documents not essentially needed have been dispensed with and various declarations required to be submitted have been consolidated,” the order says.

The KOB list has been given approval by the FSSAI and essential alterations were also made to the FoSCoS system for the purpose of licensing and registration.

It is relevant to mention here that the FSSAI has been receiving a lot of queries since some time regarding additional documents being sought by the state food safety departments. Thereupon, the matter was discussed in the Central Advisory Committee, wherein it was decided to upload the KoB list to facilitate the FBOs.

Furthermore, the Commissioners were requested to refrain from insisting the submission of additional documents beyond the list that the FSSAI has issued.


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