United States department of Agriculture’s FSIS (food security and Inspection service) has issued an order alarming the non-consumption of Duck blood’s curd imported from China recently.

The matter came onto horizon after a much heated issue when the labels of manufacturing and expiry was absent from the recent imports.

FSIS briefed that that institution is unable to reach the manufacturer till now and actual quantity of products is yet to be determined.

The following product is subject to the public health alert:

10.58 OZ. (300g), vacuum-packed packages containing “Cooked Duck Blood Curds, DUCK BLOOD.”

Cooked duck blood was not put under the regulation check done by FSIS recently. Establishment numbers and manufacturing details were reported missing, after that order was issued by the authority.

FSIS has not received an official inspection certificate issued by the People’s Republic of China to certify this product as eligible. Therefore, this product is ineligible to import into the U.S., making it unfit for human consumption.

Problem came under cognizance when a segment of USDA, Animal and plant health inspection (APHIS) service checked through the products and claimed the missing label’s report. FSIS is working jointly with APHIS on ongoing investigation.

Retail shops who have stocked the product are requested not to sell and consumers are refrained consuming the products. For disposal of the product FSIS has adviced that people should use double bags so that any outbreak could be prevented.
Till then, no such cases of any infection of disease have reported.


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