Laxmi, being one of the popular and celebrated South Asian food brands that has its presence in North America has been known to deliver authentic ethnic foods of superior quality for consumers belonging to South Asian region as well as for the consumers belonging to the mainstream market. Having retained a range of high standard products under their brand that starts from the extra-long basmati rice to turmeric (also known as haldi), ghee as well as a freshly launched range of Ayurvedic spices, Laxmi is committed to ensuring that the culinary traditions followed by South Asians are kept alive.

Laxmi had recently made an announcement that Shilpa Shetty Kundra would be the face when it comes to all the communications associated with the brand. Moreover, special attention would be given towards the promotion of most sought after products that include wheat flour, lentils, basmati rice, etc.

Neil Soni (CEO) and Amrapali Soni (COO) of House Of Spices Company while commenting on this exciting new alliance mentioned that “Shilpa with Laxmi was an easy decision. Her evolution into health and wellness, in addition to her culinary curiosity fits well with the evolution of Laxmi brand.”

Sundeep Lamba, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer who spoke about the category challenges faced in the marketplace mentioned that “With the explosion of brand options at the store, for a consumer it is a difficult choice to make especially not knowing how these products are sourced and handled. Laxmi has always stood for quality, trust and value and with our new association with Shilpa Shetty Kundra, our brand promise will come to life.”

Further, Suhasinee Patil, VP Marketing who commented on the campaign inspiration had shared certain thoughts about what makes this campaign much more special. According to her, “This past year with all its challenges has proven to us that nothing matters more than family and the one way we all stayed positive and connected was through cooking. It induced us to try new foods, focusing on reducing stress and boosting our immunity. It inspired us to change our lifestyle and prioritize health and family.”

The message that House of Spices sends to their consumers through this campaign is simple. It’s time to bring home foods that stand for quality and purity; it’s time to bring home a brand you have trusted for over 50 years; it’s time to bring LAXMI home!


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