Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils has now launched a campaign to create awareness on consumable oils. The company declared that edible oil is one of the most significant components in preparing food.

The drive comes close on the heels of the latest crackdown on adulterated edible oil in India. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) commissioned a pan-India survey, which encompassed more than 4,500 samples and 16 variants of edible oil, such as mustard, coconut, palm, olive and blended oil.

The whole initiative is focussed at ensuring the availability of contamination-free and non-hazardous mustard and other types of edible oil in the nation. The tests were done as an endeavour to aware the consumers and make them alert of the adulteration present in the loose oil presently available in the market.

Every household utilizes eatable versions of sunflower oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, palm oil and so on in cooking of their daily meals. Although everyone utilizes edible oils, there is a scarcity of knowledge and techniques about features and advantage of diffevariousrent oils and the influence they have on our health.

The designs of packet, using images on packaging, celebrity endorsements and costing play a crucial role in the selection for edible oils. Sometimes, consumers are tempted to buy sub-standard products by making use of graphic representations on packs to mislead customers and motivate purchase with great discounts on pricing.

It is seen that some producers are selling adulterated edible oil. They intrigue with the retailers and resort to supplying impure products and pack them in fake designs, colours, logos, and letters matching with the standard brand packs of some famous companies. These counterfeit products are being delivered in packs, which look like original ones. Though the text ‘Refined Sunflower Oil’ is written on these packs, mostly below standard quality oil is placed inside, as per the company.

Commenting upon the seriousness of this issue, P Chandrashekhara Reddy, VP, sales & marketing of Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils stated- “We are making a cautious attempt in notifying the purchasers about the advantages of various oils, the flavours and fragrance. Apart from this, we are also making the consumers alert that all packs with an image of sunflower oil, might not contain the expected quantity of sunflower oil, even if it is being sold at a cheaper price.”

“Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil is produced hygienically in a state-of-art plant. Each batch undergoes 100 periodic and 24 batch level quality analyses to ensure quality assurance,” he further said.

Binu Davis, south zone sales head for Fortune Sunlite Oil brand informed- “It has been found that some of the edible oil brands copy the image of sunflower oil and sell sunflower oil blended with other cheaper oils. This practice will spike up since the cost of imported sunflower oil is rising. We suggest the buyers to only believe the brand they prefer like – Fortune or other standard brands and be assured of the quality.”

“The act of selling sunflower oil blended with other cheaper oils is more common in rural areas, interiors as in major towns most of the distributors ensure availability of standard brands at the retail stores. Extensive spread of modern retail with in-house quality protocols also aids to filter out impure oils. Our sincere appeal to the customers is to buy the brand of oil such as Vijaya that you have believed for several years to stay safe and be assured,” suggested P Thirumalesh Reddy, marketing manager of Vijaya Refined Sunflower Oils.


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