Unhealthy snacking is now passé, Indians are steamrolling towards a greener & healthier revolution.

The estimated growth of the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) corporate market share in India is apparent, with a rising number of organizations riding on the consumer wave and the ‘customer-first’ approach. Happilo, a healthy gourmet snacking brand from India, wishes to capitalize on this growth by reaching out to its consumers directly through every possible avenue. The brand has a consistently growing presence in general & modern trade stores, as well as 16+ online portals like Amazon, BigBasket, Flipkart, India Mart, and various others.



Owing to the increasing forecasted demand for a ‘nutrition-rich’ diet, the brand has made it its mission to cater to the ever-changing needs of its consumers. Recent receivers of a Series A funding of INR 100 Crores from A91 Partners, Happilo envisions working towards automation, expanding distribution capabilities, and a sustainable future within the healthy snacking market.

Post their first external funding round, the brand has undertaken a quest to remodel the generic snacking mode of individuals. The ‘farm-to-fork’ model is what they want to showcase their emphasis on, with dry fruits, berries, and trail mixes replacing the regular fried and processed snacks. Long shelf-life, easy storage as well as ease of access have put the odds in the dry fruit market’s favour, with an increasing number of individuals gravitating towards healthier alternatives.

Post the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the founder of Happilo, Vikas Nahar commented that the brand has grown three-fold. This could be attributed to the rising need for individuals to focus on healthcare, nutrition, and their daily dietary requirements, without comprising on the fun that comes along with snacking. Dry fruits are high in fiber and provide water-absorbing as well as binding capabilities while strengthening a person’s core immune system. The brand provides offerings that are considered as ‘superfoods’, supplying abundant nutrients, vitamins, proteins & minerals. Additionally, Happilo prides itself on a ‘no-contact’ post-production process, with no human interference in the packaging stages of any product. This eliminates any sort of contamination through foreign contact and ensures that secure practices are followed right from sourcing to packing of the products.

The brand is additionally focusing on ‘usage-based’ content showcasing how their products can be put into daily practices, recipes, and overall lifestyle choices. Happilo is working towards making its provisions increasingly consumer-friendly and accessible to the masses to further their initiatives.

In the coming months, Happilo is all set to expand its offerings to ensure an increasingly holistic approach in its existing product range. They will soon cater directly to children, through fun-filled and power-packed healthy snacking options, which will easily catch their eye, and additionally build their core from a young age.

When asked about the future of the brand, solely from the consumer’s point of view, Vikas mentioned, “I envision a future with Happilo being prioritized over unhealthy snacking options owing to the multitude of properties and benefits these products have, and the inclusive approach they follow. Our brand is essentially a comprehensive nutritious solution and alternative to processed food options, and we would love to guide our consumers to do it the healthy way, i.e., the Happilo way!”


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