Chicago-based firm Varcode, known for providing digital, time- and temperature-sensitive supply chain solutions, has elected an advisory board of food safety experts.

According to a news release, this advisory board will assist by superintending the company’s indelible growth in the food, beverage and food delivery units.

Members of the advisory board include- David Farcy, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Director of Emergency Medicine Critical Care at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida; Domenic Veneziano, Former Director of the Division of Import Operations and Policy for the Food and Drug Administration; and Ben Chapman, Professor and Food Safety Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University.

Joseph Battoe, CEO of Varcode, made a declaration- “The combined expertise of these renowned and eminent specialists will be of ginormous value as we continue working to create a smarter, more secure and more sustainable global supply chain for food and pharmaceuticals.”

As per the statement of a release- “Varcode makes use of digital “smart barcode” labels that dynamically and zestfully change on the basis customized time and temperature parameters or variables.”



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