Food Regulator of India FSSAI has made stringent guidelines for Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) programme and made provisions for enrolment, attendance, and assessment with geotagged videos for presence of candidates.

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The Food Regulator of India FSSAI has also asked the training partners, trainers, assessors, trainees under the FoSTaC programme to download their certificate and data from the portal for records and future references, as the existing FoSTaC portal will be active only till February 28, 2023.

The notice says that ‘Stakeholders will not be able to access or retrieve the data from the old portal beyond 28th Feb, 2023 and it is directed that all the new calendars should be created in the new FoSTaC portal only.’

The Food Regulator of India FSSAI has issued a notice in this regard explaining the changes that will be incorporated with the new portal for FoSTaC programme and asked the users to download their data before Feb 28, 2023.

The FSSAI guidelines say that trainees need to enroll in the training batch code before the start of training session through the new portal and no request will be entertained for enrolment after start of training. The new portal will have provision for attendance marking and if the marking was not done on the same day, the entire training calendar will be blocked and cancelled automatically.

For assessment, the portal will have provision for result uploading within 7 days. The guidelines say that assessments have to be marked within 7 days, otherwise the calendar will be cancelled automatically.  The new portal will also have provision for geotagged videos showing the presence of all the candidates. The assessors were asked to upload videos through assessor login, otherwise assessment will not be allowed to submit.

Further, the guidelines say that for online training programmes, the training partners need to select a place for online training in the same state and can’t opt for another state.


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