Kanchan Metals (P) Ltd (KMPL) is a forefront and trailblazer firm providing food processing machines which has recently introduced a diverse number of snack machines with an ambition to equip global technology with local support. They have introduced machines for the fabricating of all types of Western snacks such as Cheese Balls, Corn Curls, Corn Rings and Random shaped extruded snacks.

The processing line is having the capacity ranging between 300 kg to 1.5tonne/hr and these lines comprise of a plethora of apparatus such as meal blending, pneumatic conveying, distribution & seasoning system which is being provided by KMPL to make sure that the production and quality remains congruous.

Raghav Gupta, Director of Kanchan Metals stated- “We are a Make in India enterprise and we aim to integrate the most modern food processing technologies with that locally created auxiliary equipment with our continuous attempts to help alleviate the cost of machinery and enlarge its purview to Indian food producers. These snack lines will aid in the manufacture of good quality Western snack food thus making the managing of risen demand easier.”

He further declared- “The upcoming festive season should see a massive demand for processed food items and it is the appropriate time for producers to broaden their capacity. Our products enjoy reliability and demand from the market for its acclaimed quality and high production standard. We are of the view point that the food processing industry is a growing sector and is important for the development of India. It has the ability to bolster India’s position across the globe. With this, our products have a great market capability to benefit the ecosystem.”

The company is capable of manufacturing these machines with real-time end-user input, which was vital in design and implementation, thanks to uninterrupted R&D and close links with major snack manufacturers in India. Encouraged by the government initiative to ceaselessly innovate and fabricate new devices in India, the company has come up with equipment like a weight-controlled seasoning system which corroborates correct snack coverage and enhanced performance in seasoning loss management.


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