FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, was recognized in the ESG Innovative Product/Service of the Year category at the inaugural ESG China Awards for its biological portfolio.

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Organized by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, the ESG China Awards program highlights businesses and organizations that have made a positive ESG impact in China.

Biologicals by FMC Corporation demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing farmers with science-backed biological solutions to help sustainably manage crops, protect yields and combat resistance. In China, FMC focused on ecological management solutions for soil, which has problems such as acidification and hardening commonly faced by growers in the country.

Pramod Thota, FMC Asia Pacific president, said “We are honored that our biological solutions and efforts to advance sustainable agriculture have won top honors at the ESG China Awards. Dedicated to creating new, efficient and sustainable solutions, FMC Corporation has invested not just in discovery and development but in improving market access. Over the last few years, our team in China has intensified outreach and education activities to promote the benefits of biologicals. We are pleased to have engaged over 2 million farmers, helping them integrate the use of biologicals in their crop protection approach to improve soil health and crop yield.”

Chinese growers are quickly adopting FMC’s Structure®, Monarch® and Seamaxx® biostimulants to balance soil microbial communities and improve nutrient utilization. In 2020, Structure® biostimulant was named a ‘Strongly Recommended Product’ by the Hebei Plant Protection Technology Promotion Association and Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Newspaper. In 2021, Monarch® biostimulant was awarded the title of ‘Innovative Product’ in a fertilizer and pesticide reduction and efficiency campaign organized by the China Agro-technological Extension Association (CATEA).

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FMC continues to invest in biologicals and adjacent technologies. Most recently, the company announced the acquisition of BioPhero ApS, a pheromone research and production company, adding biologically produced pheromone insect control technology to its product portfolio and R&D pipeline.


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