Supply management is an integrated approach that lets a firm to work accordingly the demand from the market and supply from the side of producers. My companies are working on this pivot to increase and strengthen their economics.

Recent name is Flower Foods, which has hired the head of supply chain in Dean foods to manage its own food supply chain.
Brad Cashaw will take over the job w.e.f 8th September as Chief food supply chain officer and will be responsible for Flowers’ supply chain operations and will report to Brad Alexander, chief operating officer.

Previously Cashaw had been with the Dean foods since long. Other firms where he worked include PepsiCo, Kraft foods and Kellogg’s.

“Brad brings to Flowers his extensive operations and supply chain experience leading numerous teams and functions for world-class organizations,” Alexander said in a statement.

“His leadership, solid understanding of all aspects of business, and proven ability to deliver end-to-end results will be a tremendous asset as we continue the supply chain optimization work already begun under Project Centennial.” He further added.


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