With legislative announcements such as the ban on single-use plastic in India, aseptic cartons made using recyclable paper board have emerged as the most sustainable alternative. The awareness of consumers regarding the many benefits of aseptic packaging solutions has also grown, as they prefer convenience, storability and guaranteed sterility over loose, fresh products. Hence, flexibility and adaptability have become critical for brands to thrive, amidst an array of constantly evolving changes and challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Flexibility for manufacturers and brands

The focus on health and nutrition today, in addition to the operational logistics and constraints have made fast and flexible filling technology critical for manufacturers. Being able to change pack sizes quickly on the filling line can make a huge difference in meeting the demand. This is a core differentiator for SIG’s CFA 1224 filling machine for single-serve carton packs, which not only allows filling up to nine different volumes of cartons on the same system, but also switching between them on the filling line can be completed in just around two minutes.

Flexibility for Consumers

When it comes to different volumes of cartons, another key aspect defining consumer patterns through the lens of the pandemic-induced economic upheaval is the importance of price points. Consumers vary greatly across demographics in terms of preferences, mode and habits of consumption, purchasing power and more. As a result, products within a specific price point that enjoy strong existing demand must maintain that point to continue retaining their customer base. The fluctuating prices of raw materials present an additional challenge to this, as the variations in manufacturing cost must be resolved separately.

SIG’s filling solutions

SIG caters specifically to this need, by offering a wide variety of portion packs designed specifically to optimize the cost, quantity and quality of the product within specific price points. For instance, SIG’s cartons are used in the INR 20 price point for juices by Minute Maid, B Natural and Tropicana and Haldiram’s Jal Jeera and Aam Panna in the 200 ml category, as well as the 250 ml packs for Amul Lassi. The INR 12 segment also enjoys strong popularity among consumers, consisting of products packed in 200 ml SIG cartons such as the Maaza or Haldiram’s Matka Jhatka and Lassi. And lastly, one of the most popular segments in smaller volumes, the INR 10 category consists of Maaza and Slice as well as juices by B Natural, Real and more.

SIG small size cartons

Flexibility is also at the core of SIG’s filling technology, consisting of a wide range of filling machines with varying speeds, designed for several different segments and businesses, from large brands with a national presence to regional ones. SIG’s filling speeds range from 12,000 to 24,000 packs per hour in the small sized segment to 9,000 to 12,000 packs per hour in the medium sized segment and 6,000 to 9,000 packs per hour in the large or family-sized segment. SIG has recently also introduced one of its most prized innovations, SIG NEO – with a filling speed of 18,000 packs per hour. SIG NEO offers the highest output in the current market for products in mid-sized aseptic cartons today!

Going ahead, the need for fast and flexible solutions will be even more urgent, owing to a host of factors such as rising global consumption, focus on trust, transparency, sustainability and more. As such, brands will also have to keep innovating with a focus on adaptability, to stay ahead of the curve.

About the Author:
Vandana Tandan
Country Manager,
SIG Combibloc India Pvt. Ltd.


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