Jalongi.com has introduced a new campaign – ‘Eat Fish, Live Better’. The campaign targets to emphasize on healthy living and nutritional advantages of fish consumption as post the outbreak of COVID-19, people have become more alert regarding their health wellness. The campaign has been launched across social media pages which include- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, outdoor and transit media.

As per the dietary guidelines by American FDA, one can benefit from eating the suggested amount of seafood – which is two or more servings per week to add up to 1,750mg of omega-3s EPA+DHA per week. The campaign strives to inform people regarding the unseen, and striking pros of consuming seafood. Fish and seafood, shellfish included, provide essential nutrients to the body that help the immune system to function properly.

Dippankar S. Halder, founder and CEO at Jalongi.com stated- “We are extremely thrilled to launch the ‘Eat Fish, Live Better’ campaign. Now, more than ever, people are looking for methods to make their immune system more robust. Seafood is a great choice to include on your weekly menu since it goes well with other food groups. It is simple to cook and can help in breaking the monotony of everyday food. With this campaign, we would like to educate people on the nutritional values of eating fish.”

Gurgaon-based Eye Surgeon, Dr Neena Gathwal informed- “Fish and seafood is the healthiest form of natural protein, and eating fresh fish, at least twice a week, can help in lowering triglycerides, B.P, inflammation and macular degeneration (eye) due to high content of omega 3 fatty acids, which are good fats, and contains less mercury content. Fish that has been handled well during transportation should be eaten. I am so pleased that professional companies like Jalongi.com are available in Gurgaon now.”

Established in 2018 with a goal to offer fresh seafood to seafood lovers across India and to save people from the ‘stinky hands’ or the tedious task of purchasing fish from physical fish markets, the company has seen a prodigious growth trajectory ever since its inception. With its fresh, handpicked products and firm delivery services, the company has grown 3 times since February 2020 and plans to expand its presence pan India by venturing into the new markets over the coming years.


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