Ever since its establishment ‘South 54’, the South Indian cuisine restaurant at Pride Plaza Ahmedabad has been the most-loved destination of delicacies for both local as well as international foodies. As part of its attempt to cater the rising demand of clients from the coastal region of South India, the restaurant has now restarted its first-class dining experience with ‘Chennai Central – A Southern Culinary Junction’ food fest scheduled from September 19 to 28, 2020.

The festival introduces specially customized cuisine to revel in plethora of aromatic masalas and original spices from different South Indian regions and communities such as- North Karnataka cuisine, South Karnataka cuisine, Saraswat cuisine, Udupi cuisine, Mangalorean Catholic cuisine, Coorg cuisine, and Navayath cuisine. The food festival will exhibit a finger-licking medley of flavours and showcase the prosperous cultural heritage of coastal India. And the aura is further highlighted with a reflection of South Indian essence through its decor, artwork, and music that perfectly augments the gracefully furnished interiors.

The festival is ready with authentic gourmet from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, which comprises of piquant starters like Koon Kurumilagu Peralen (Kerala), Gundur Kodi (Andhra), Palipalayam Urulai Fry (TN), and Kori Ghee Roast (Karnataka). The mains comprises of Prawn Moilee (Kerala), Gundapur Mutton Curry (Andhra), Ennai Kathrikai (TN), and Vegetable Tarkari Curry (Karnataka). Seafood lovers will be over-indulged in choices with Malabar Fried Prawns from Kerala, Gundur Prawns from Andhra, Bang Da Fry from Karnataka, etc.

Non-vegetarian South Indian Thali is available at a cost of Rs 700 (excluding taxes) whereas the vegetarian South Indian Thali is priced at Rs 500 (excluding taxes). These thalis are vailable for home delivery.


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