Finch Brew Café once again introduces old-school nostalgia in a contemporary environment. Currently, it intends to expand not just in India, but in the international market too. Sandeep Katiyar, Director, Plutusone Hospitality while answering the query related to the projected time period for company development stated – “We have plans for expansion in India and overseas and Bangkok will be operational by April 2022.”

Further, Katiyar disclosed the revenue projections. He mentioned that they have expected a 20-25 per cent year-over-year increase in the revenues.

Sandeep Katiyar further stated – “Estimating commercial development and increasing business operations needs a significant amount of investment and capital and Finch Chandigarh is no exception.” Yes, we are open to investment funding for expansion to extend our territories as we hope to establish 20 more branches in the next two years.”

Finch & Finch Brew Café which has been focusing on elevated culinary and mixology offerings places emphasis on customer discovery via ambience and cuisine. The founders are expecting the same zeal and excitement from their next international growth.


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