FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Kolkata Chapter, hosted a workshop on Food Styling with Jyoti Jain Chibber and Disha Batra, two companions who followed their enthusiasm of creating dishes with finest ingredients and unveiling it like an art at Tapas@Home. The two trendsetters are bringing about a storm in the gourmet foods’ sector. The dishes materialized by the duo are tummy-friendly, graceful and vegetarian.

The session was launched by the chairperson, Sunira Chamaria, who was of the thought that, “Cooking is ubiquitous; it unifies together and establishes robust inter-personal bonds.”

Disha and Jyoti introduced themselves and their zeal for innovations, their career choices and their common love to food. They initiated the session with exhibition and preparation of mulled wine, and carried on describing the variants of wine that can be utilized to make it.

Jyoti stated- “Argentinian wine is the finest choice, and maple syrup is tastes better than honey. There are also peculiar glasses for distributing mulled wine, which are more viscous and harder to keep the wine warm and insulated for an extended duration. Red wine goblets can also be utilized for serving but its temperature must be kept in mind before doing this.”

Commenting upon Tapas, Disha said- “We have been acclaimed for our ingredients, and seasonality we deliver to the table. We have been decorating the tables for our patrons, and they seek personalization which typifies their vivid personality. Chopsticks, Glass Tags, Napkin Rings, Stirrers, are some of the tools we use in order to bring customization. Our attempts at Tapas are generally aimed on making least misuse, one of our best-seller eco-friendly products is 7-layered Tex-Mex dip.”

The two also went on describing the detailing that is involved in preparation of a cheese platter. Jyoti asserted- “At the greatest, 4 varieties of cheese can only be used in Indian platters keeping in mind the season and taste choices here.”

Manju Pachisia applauded the TexMex layered dip and the thought of it being an on-the-go ingredient.

The FLO workshop concluded with Disha and Jyoti responding to the queries by members and participants asking about the source and types of ingredients being used. The viewers were actually fascinated to know about the advantages and amounts of herbs, plating and its features.

Sunira Chamaria terminated the session with a grateful address for praising event coordinators Ritu, Manju and Shraddha, the FICCI FLO members, event partners, gift partner Print Factory, lead sponsors Damodar Ropeway and Infra Limited, media partner Sanmarg, and all the past members and presidents for their constant assistance.


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