FSSAI has issued new notifications regarding inclusion of provisions to repeal the rejected applications for FSSAI license and registration under the novel system of FoSCoS.

Notification has enabled FBOs with rejected applications of FSSAI license can repeal throught the modes specified, this providing a window to fall-in and comply with the regulatories.

FSSAI emphasized about the mode of repeal, stating it to be ‘Online’ making it convenient for the FBOs to raise their requests for the FSSAI license under FoSCoS.

According to the order, the request for rejected applications for registration certificate is routed to concerned designated officers while request for rejected license application is routed to commissioner of food safety for consideration. For central licenses, the application is sent to CEO FSSAI for consideration. Upon acceptance of request, the application will be reactivated.

“The present functionality is only a facility for reactivation of rejected applications. It does not have the facility to process the request, raise queries, or consider technical grounds of request and is not a process of appeal,” reads the order.

For the FSSAI license, FBOs are provided with a window of 6 months keeping COVID-19 in consideration which will be further reduced to a fortnight in usual days. This time period shall be progressively reduced in future to 15 days,” the order reads.

Till date there were no formulation for redressal mechanism of rejected applications, albeit a physical attempt could be made by the FBOs to re-start the licensing protocols after meeting the official in person with suitable forms. Followed by a series of protocols under standard operating procedures the rejection could be repealed making it tedious to crack.

The SOP was issued in July this year for reactivation of the rejected applications and change in user profile including new login credentials, email id, and mobile numbers etc.


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