Oreo is further reinforcing its commitment of imparting a dose of merriness in lives of all with its most recent drive #OreoPlayPledge. With this initiative, the brand is putting its plan into action and motivating people to loosen up from their busy schedules and oath to create and enjoy the much-required moments of happiness with their near and dear ones. This idea will be brought lively by the much-adored father-daughter duo – former Indian Cricket team captain, MS Dhoni and his daughter, Ziva Dhoni, presenting a glance of their gleeful bond on-screen.

Talking about the campaign, Sudhanshu Nagpal, associate director – marketing (Biscuits) at Mondelez India stated- “As one of the most cherished national brands, Oreo has always tried to flicker cheerfulness and encourage family connection moments in our patrons’ lives. However, in present era, amidst vague distinctions between personal and professional life, stealing out treasured connection moments with friends and family has become extra important. So, as we exist from 2020, and step into 2021 with much more hopes, we are unveiling this new campaign titled #OreoPlayPledge in month of January. Oreo’s effort through this drive will be to inculcate positivity and encourage our consumers to carve out additional play-connect time with their dear ones in the coming times.”

“We are now also having MS Dhoni and Ziva on board as brand ambassadors of Oreo in support of this initiative. Given their affectionate relationship and exuberant chemistry, we feel that this duo will be Oreo’s best partners to vivify this drive and evoke our patrons to unite with the bandwagon of Oreo playful pledges,” he further said.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni declared- “Shooting with Ziva for the first time was an enchanting experience for me. It was pleasing to share our gleeful moments on screen with Oreo, our favourite cookie brand. Ziva and I had an excellent time on the set for the new initiative, #OreoPlayPledge which has a marvellous message. It motivates you to make a promise to manage out time to connect cheerfully with your loved ones. This is a hardship that I also have personally faced as a parent and it feels exciting to be linked with Oreo to instill an optimistic change with the cogency of jolliness.”

The new Television Commercial exhibits MS Dhoni and Ziva Dhoni on a vivid Sunday morning, baking a cake together for Ziva’s mother. However, this task has been showcased with a twist! With every Oreo cookie they place on the cake as garnish, they make a commitment to spend even more time with each other. The amusing and playful conversation and playtime between Dhoni and Ziva concludes with a sweet ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ moment recapitulating the idea that ‘The more we stay playful, the more we connect’, and motivating audiences to showcase their gleeful pledge on OreoPlayPledge.com.

Rajdeepak Das, managing director – India and chief creative officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett, and Mark McDonald, executive vice president and head of creative, digitas India, describe how the exhausting lockdown and all the perturbations makes reconnecting with our near and dear ones more significant than ever before. “Play is the global language of building bonds with each other. Hence, as we enter into a new year, our initiative inspires one and all to adopt the ‘Play Pledge’ with Oreo,” Rajdeepak asserts. Mark says- “We’re planning to introduce and build on-going conversations with our patrons to commit to carving out and enjoying moments of happiness with their kids. And we are sure that MS Dhoni and his daughter Ziva are the most ideal ambassadors to make this message lively.”


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