In the wake of COVID-19 and bend of the firms has led to huge in-pump of the immunity boosters in the food products sector. Continuing the trend Fast&Up has launched immunity boosters and electrolyte supplements for kids- Fast&Up Charge Kidz and Fast&Up Reload Kidz.

Backed up by peculiar and efficient swiss effervescent technology that is believed to make healthy drinking a salubrious habit. The range is available across India in retail outlets, e-commerce platforms, kirana stores, top medical stores and through the brand’s website.

In order to reduce the dearth which is there when it comes for children company prompted to break the trip with this healthy alternative.The products contain no added sugar or artificial colouring and are safe to consume. The products will help to boost immunity at an early age in children, and provide instant energy and electrolyte replenishment, which are easily lost due to physical activity or through sweating.

Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO, Fast&Up, said, “Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Reload were launched before Covid-19 hit the world and long before immunity became a buzz word globally. Both our premium range of products were doing well but with the outbreak of the pandemic, we were overwhelmed by their growing prominence amongst Indians from all walks of life, going on to become the most recommended immunity boosters and choice of electrolyte for replenishment and instant energy. We realised the need to expand this further and take these products to kids. We are excited to announce the launch of Fast&Up Charge Kidz and Fast&Up Reload Kidz with the key aim to providing quality nutrition and boosting immunity in children at a young age.”

Fast&Up came as a revolutionary firm in 2007, just piercing the market as an arrow with its rocking and energy boosting health and fitness products. They claim that “had the right mix which gave results over a period of time. Faster absorption and better bio-availability was an unbeatable combination. A product was needed, which was easy-to- use, practical and fast that gives the desired results – Fast&Up, a new brand in Sports Nutrition took shape! It heralded the development of a platform of products for sports nutrition where each product addressed a specific need of a sports person or a health enthusiast.”


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