The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have unveiled an online public consultation platform to receive inputs on how the UN agencies can collaborate in key areas in the coming years in the future.

The consultation will feed into the operationalization of FAO’s Strategic Framework 2022-2031 and the formulation of WFP’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026. It is open to anyone who desires to have their voice heard, including civil society, farmer organizations, the private sector and research organizations.

The platform offers a space to hear from associates on concrete approaches to hasten up the achievement of shared goals and common approaches towards accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The consultation will aim on the following five core themes in the context of food systems transformation and hunger reduction:

1. Impact of Covid-19 on global development goals;
2. Climate and the Environment;
3. Gender Equality;
4. Strengthening Data and Innovation;
5. Inclusion and Equity, including leaving no one behind.

The online consultation is held on the engagement platform SparkBlue and will conclude on 12th May, 2021.

FAO’s Strategic Framework 2022-2031, which will be submitted to the FAO Conference 2021 for consent, seeks to support the 2030 Agenda through the transformation to more efficient, inclusive, versatile and sustainable, agri-food systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life, leaving no one behind.

WFP is also framing its Strategic Plan 2022-2026, which will explain the impact pathways through which WFP is anticipated to Save and Change Lives in the coming five years, and enhance WFP’s accountability towards implementation of and contribution to the SDGs.


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